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“Practice and training is the essence of transformational performance.” – Dave Schedin

“I sent our new Service Advisor to the “How to Sell/Present” Class. He was quickly out-producing the one he replaced and maintaining a 62.2% average GP with greater customer satisfaction and more referrals. CompuTrek gave our business what we needed to move forward profitably.” – Kern Dillard | Owner | Kern’s Complete Auto, Puyallup, WA



The CompuTrek seminar room is a powerful training environment and a focused place to learn new skills, techniques, and new ways of thinking about how you’re doing business. By improving your team’s performance and increasing skills in teamwork, sales, leadership, and management, you will be ready to tackle the difficult challenges of today’s ever-changing economy and business world.

All CompuTrek Seminars reveal valuable insights, proven to support your ‘Real World’ environment.  These powerful seminars contain tried and true processes that have been proven over and over again in multiple downward economies, varying demographics, and business marketplaces. The majority of seminar attendees earn back their seminar training investment the FIRST DAY back on the job!

If you do not see a Seminar topic or venue in our expansive list that we provide or that meets ALL of your training needs, please CONNECT and let us know. We will custom create a powerful seminar for you utilizing ‘Real World’ solutions. Most Seminars within The CompuTrek Group are accredited through the Automotive Management Institute (AMI).

Our On-Site Solutions bring the Seminar to your real-world environment for the most powerful LIVE seminar experience. Imagine having the seminar room instructor right there as your people are interacting with LIVE customers or situations where training can happen moment by moment!

For the entire LISTING of CompuTrek Courses, please CONNECT with The CompuTrek Group, and we would be happy to send you a complete list of Classes and Seminars as well as dates available for booking YOUR next CompuTrek Seminar or On-Site Training.