The Computrek Group | COMPUTREK PLAYshops™

PNEUMA: Greek word for breath – we breathe new life into your teams and business

WHY COMPUTREK PLAYshops™(because ‘work’shops seem like work!)

“The way a TEAM plays together as a whole determines it’s success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play well together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” – Babe Ruth

The CompuTrek Group | Team Building PLAYShops™ are experiential seminars custom designed for your business that will transform your culture and see your business SOAR.  We empower your team to operate experientially PLAY at higher performance levels while not compromising their core values.  “We’re not out to build stronger teams because we want to see burnout and workaholics, we want to help you build a stronger teams within your organization so you can have a HEALTHIER eco-system where every employee know his or her own strengths and uses those strengths to serve the good of the company, cohesively.”


Whether you have employees that are currently on the ‘farm team’, those who have a future but are not quite at the plate; an existing ‘A Team’ who are hitting it out of the park; or employees on the ‘Injured Player List” that are missing the mark altogether, Coach Dave Schedin steps up to the plate and is ready to play ball to carry a highly impactful and successful rate of return on your business’s greatest asset…it’s PEOPLE.

The CompuTrek Advantage PLAYshop™ experiential ‘A-Team Training’ accelerates the coaching support of your KEY individuals when they partner with our executive success coaching. Experiential training is the quickest way to learn new thinking, new methods. In this powerful and FUN training venue your team will learn:

  • How to create a solution when you’re stuck and there is no solution
  • Goal setting: Setting Intention to get it
  • Commitments to ourselves and the team
  • Staying out of conflict
  • Valuing people to listen and communicate better
  • Solution Thinking Mindsets
  • Personal responsibilities and the choices we make
  • Living intentionally vs. running on the auto-pilot of our past
  • Breaking through your top three constraints
  • Identifying the GOLD in you and others

This type of training experience is some of the most powerful available as it shifts mindsets and belief systems running in people about how they see themselves and others. This type of powerful training can be done at any time in your training process however, we have seen GREAT BENEFITS when completed at the beginning to LEVERAGE all other training as the whole team is involved, they are then all on the SAME PAGE and moving forward in the new direction together and speaking the same language.

For more information about CompuTrek PLAYshops™, please CONNECT with Dave Schedin  800.385.0724