Leadership Solutions

“Without fail, commitment will eat compliance for lunch. – Dave Schedin”

Manage systems, LEAD PEOPLE. As a leader, how do you navigate that? There are two opposing elements of leadership. The style that ‘commands’ leadership (the nemesis to favorable) and the least effective leadership style in trying to motivate a team. The world has changed. No longer will employees respond favorably to the ‘my way or the highway’ type leadership (I ask myself, did they ever)? Leadership has much more width and depth as the art of ‘leadership respect’ occurs when TRUE CHOICE between two individuals exist. We believe that when there is CHOICE, you empower; when a leader is harsh, you disempower and create compliance, very often, resisting that leader.

Leadership KEYS

Why Our Leadership Coaching is Different.

The CompuTrek Group leads by COMMITMENT. We accomplish effective leadership training by giving you TOOLS and master-level COACHING techniques that demonstrate how to step into qualities that will support you to be a great leader; pulling the GOLD already within you, out. Our transformational Leadership Training will show you how to EMBED higher levels of commitment within your business eco-system, job descriptions, and yes, incentive plans. We also encourage personal development training that creates the space for even greater breakthroughs either through our CompuTrek PLAYshops specifically designed to create cohesive teams or our Won-on-Won™ Personal Leadership Coaching Sessions skillfully designed to train the trainer, one on one. Your COMMITMENT must lead in order for breakthroughs to occur.

When do I BEGIN?

Leadership coaching begins where you are right now, producing the results you are producing today. Our global assessment, CheckPOINT 360°™ is used primarily to evaluate the effectiveness of your managers and leaders. This measure your Point ‘A’ and will be the catalyst for the movement to Point B’ in your leadership.

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