The Computrek Group | Training Solutions

“Every champion was once a contender, intentional in their training.”

Ongoing training is an investment you make in your people. When you offer training and coaching to your employees, it demonstrates to them you inherently value THEM and the contributions they make. It also displays the level of trust you have in them and their future with your organization.  Ongoing training is also a part of a company’s benefits package for employees to create loyalty, enthusiasm, and retention.

Training helps employees understand how their work fits into their company’s structure, mission/vision, goals, and achievements. As a result, employees become more motivated and excited about their work as they better understand how and what they do MATTERS to the success of the organization. It helps activate and engage employees to peak performances. Additionally, training is FAR LESS of a business cost than onboarding a new team player.

On average, Coach Dave’s new clients gain $439,000 in NEW Gross Profit Dollars in the first 12 months. True TRANSFORMATION produces true results! 


CompuTrek Training is set apart.  They are industry-leading, impactful, results-based, interactive and FUN!!