Our Coaching…More than asking questions

CoachingCoaching is a very powerful means for empowering, equipping, and engaging an individual to create an INCREASE in areas that will bring them the results they want. Whether it is a career goal, business goal, relationship goal, or being in greater contribution to your community, retaining a BUSINESS COACH or LIFE COACH who truly has YOUR best interest in mind accelerates the thinking, action and behaviors of success.

COACHING understands and honors the client as being the expert in his or her life and work. True coaching believes every client is unique, gifted, creative, resourceful, and more than enough to discover solutions to move forward. Coaching is MORE than just discovering “How To’s”. Empowering clients with tools to understand how to create new ways of thinking when old ways seem to keep a client stuck in their personal life, business life, and relationships. Tools that make course correction happen in a short amount of time from relationships or events that didn’t turn out as hoped. 

With that understanding, The CompuTrek Group Coach’s commitment to you is to:

  • Empower and engage the client in self-discovery;
  • Have the client identify, clarify, and align purpose, vision, and action;
  • Identify empowered thinking versus thinking that is disempowering;
  • Draw out client-generated strategies and solutions to move forward;
  • Hold the client responsible and true accountability for choices and actions.

True accountability is an “ACCOUNT” of someone’s “ABILITY” not an account of an inability or disability. When accountability is about name, blame, shame, and guilt, you only produce limited results from those values and they can have collateral damage in relationships. When true accountability is in place you create from strengths because you create from the powerful person you are. YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!


The Power of Business Coaching

“To think is  to create” Brian Klemmer

Hiring a Business Coach isn’t an extravagance or luxury in business anymore; it is a fundamental part of your business for those in today’s marketplace. Without a coach consider this, you may survive but you may not THRIVE. 

It can be very challenging to obtain a truly objective viewpoint from yourself about your business. Your strategic Business Coach will always point you to the truthfulness of the condition of your business, even those areas you may not want to hear about. Enter Accountability; an Account of your Ability and not an account of your inability or disability.

Business Coaching is about YOU and YOUR TEAM producing the RESULTS you want. It is about the goal… and it is also about growth while getting the goal. Business coaching is about creating results for you and your business systems. It is about you leading and managing your business so your team produces at elevated levels.

So what is it you want more of from your business and more importantly; what is the WHY behind wanting more? Business Coaching is about finding a great solution or “how to”; better through-put, increased cash flow and profitability, better communications with team members and clients, and the list goes on (see below)…   And it is about you and your team members being empowered with elevated thinking and the WHY for where it is you are taking the company.

What gets in the way 100% of the time from hitting a goal?

The thinking or thought processes; the internal constraints. Change behavior and all you get is a temporary change. Change the mental and emotional intelligence thinking of any individual or team and you get a business that is truly TRANSFORMED producing the results you truly want. Your seasoned Business Coach will give you on tools to empower you and your team to different levels of thinking.

You, your business, and your team are unique and so is your customized Business Coaching Plan.  We develop individual and/or team plans for short-term or long-range goal setting.

BUSINESS COACHING AREAS to help keep you profitable:

  • Profitability & Cash Flow
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Work, Life, Balance
  • Sales Team Performance
  • Workflow Management
  • Hiring Top Performers
  • Quality Control
  • Adding & Growing Teams
  • Team Communication
  • Creating Your Team Culture
  • Confidence, Self-Worth & Self Esteem
  • Customer Communications
  • Increasing Business Volume
  • Setting Relevant Goals
  • Managing Top Performers
  • Real World Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Succession Planning

The Power of Life Coaching

“To truly achieve something different, you will need to think differently or your ‘do’ something different won’t last” – Dave Schedin

Life Coaching is about creating and producing results for the life you want and is done through a strategic alliance between your coach and you where the coaching relationship continuously empowers you, the client. We believe and hold the value that you are more than enough and know the answers to life’s questions or challenges you may experience, even when those answers appear nowhere to be found.

Life Coaching is unique and stands out from normal advice or knowledge giving, mentorship, therapy, consulting, or counseling. The Life Coaching approach is utilized for:

  • Specific personal endeavors
  • Elevated business or entrepreneurial success levels
  • Life in general and pivotal choices in a client’s personal life
  • Relationships in the personal and/or professional arenas by examining what is going on right now
  • Discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be and choosing a course of action to make your life what you want it to be.

Change doesn’t last. Transformation Does. Knowing the right questions to ask matched with having the right tools empowering true choice leads you to a transformed life.

You are an expert at being you! Discovering more of who you are and more of just what it is you want in life entails living life intentionally. When who you are and what you want seem foggy and unsure, we as coaching experts simply ask the right questions where you discover the “more” you want in life. The reason for empowering questions is just that… empowering you. The bases of empowering someone is them seeing they have freedom and liberty in the CHOICES they have in life. Reactionary or “Creationary” choices are what create your life. The choices you make either take away from life or add to life. Life coaching helps you understand and identify choices and empowers you to create the life you truly want.

How Does Empowered Life Coaching Work? 

Each life is different. Each vision, passion, and purpose is different and as is each individual life coaching plan. This is tailored and custom fit to you and your needs.

The 30,000 Foot Life Coaching Plan View:

  • Initial Complimentary Coaching Discovery (where do you want to climb?)
  • 60 to 90-minute “Strategic Accent” first session (Planning the climb)
  • One 30 to 90-minute phone call per week (The climb! Session lengths are variable depending on the topic and specific coaching session needs)
  • Unlimited Email support (Support for the climb)
  • Check-in calls (Accountability for the climb)

The 13-inch Journey:  Helping you connect your head with your heart in ways that transform a dream into an actionable plan for your life.

Life Coaching Areas:

  • Career & Business
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Personal Development
  • Family
  • Health & Wellness
  • Adventure & Fun
  • Travel & Vacation
  • Contribution & Giving Back
  • Happiness
  • Finances
  • Self & Identity
  • Confidence, Self-Worth & Self Esteem
  • Physical Environment
  • Lifestyle
  • Friends & Relationships
  • God & Spiritual
  • Artists – Creativity & Art

Take this moment to connect with us now for a complimentary discovery and find out what Business Coaching can do for you. One-click will change your business forever.