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Hiring Tips

Through many years of hiring and interviewing hundreds of candidates for all positions in an automotive repair center, I learned a set of HIRING TIPS that help produce greater results in finding that Top Performer. Before onboarding that new team player, consider having your  business evaluated with a “NEW SET” of eyes to see if new hires are in alignment with your current business structure OR if it is the right time for a new hire.

I am confident and hopeful that these TIPS will help support your hiring decisions either way.


1.​  LOOK WITHIN THE TRIBE.  Yes, the tribe.  Your current staff and the skill sets they possess.  These people are the ones that already know your culture, the ecosystems, your mission, value, and products.  They already understand you and therefore it’s a lot easier to bring them to task on what you want.  It will also save you those big dollars $$ by training them for the new position, placing them into future leadership positions rather than hiring from outside.  This of course is assuming they have the right variables to determine their success and whether or not they FIT.  If you do not yet know their future potential, I HIGHLY recommend you have that employee take our online PXTS™ Assessment which will give you a WEALTH of information about the employee/candidate and whether they CAN do the job, WANT to do the job, and are PASSIONATE about being placed there.  You may also consider leadership training and coaching for those employees you want to propel forward creating that viable and profitable future for themselves AND YOU!  A happy and engaged employee is your greatest asset!

2.  CLARITY.  CLARITY.  CLARITY.  Ensure that you have an accurate JOB DESCRIPTION created outlining in detail what is EXPECTED of this candidate.   If you don’t have one, you’re not ready for them and they are not ready for you…simply because expectations will be unclear.  By having it on paper, it will intentionally outline expectations and force the hand of CLARITY.  Additionally, ask yourself, what character and behavioral qualities you are looking for in this person.  Know this before diving in.  Preparation is KEY!  Ensure that the job description has a summary of the position, the purpose, duties, qualifications, and possible prior questions you may want to ask them to see how well they are connected with themselves and how well they follow instructions.  We can help you build quality Enhanced Job Descriptions and set Benchmarks for each and every position within your company. 

3.  THE INTERVIEW PROCESS.  Thankfully, the reason we use the Assessment process is that it screens out many individuals who are not a good FIT for the organization from the onset.  For instance, if they do not score well on the integrity of the STEP ONE assessment, from there you get to choose whether you will interview them because of the high validity (via distortion rate) of that assessment alone which can streamline your process.  In addition to their honesty, it will also tell you what their attitudes are about substance abuse, what their work ethic is, and how reliable they are.  The hiring process can look like many things contingent on the leadership style and culture of your business. For many leaders, especially SMALL business owners, it can at times look similar to a dating process where the hiring boss gets excited about a candidate too quickly because they sense there are not just enough fish in the sea…and they end up ‘settling’.  The key to successful hiring is to HIRE proficiently and FIRE quickly.  It’s also sage advice to ensure that you get more than one person interviewing the candidate which will help to eliminate or move that candidate further through the process until they are hired.  Having the candidate take one of our assessments will help you make that decision much quicker and will also give you INTERVIEW QUESTIONS based on the skill sets, character qualities, and behavioral traits of who they are! 

4.  REFERENCE CHECKS.  The age of information is as deep as it is wide.  Personally, it’s extremely EASY to check someone out on Google and/or social networking sites to begin the process of referencing. Without the follow-through of performing a reference check, people will ALWAYS cast themselves in the best light possible.  If they are unwilling to give you references, I would be unwilling to hire them because I’ve been there, done that…been burned.

5.  ASSESSING PEOPLE.  If you’re not giving your candidate some form of pre-qualifying assessment before you move them into any one position within your organization, you’ve already done yourself a huge disservice.  Our Assessment tools are online and inexpensive and WILL save you time and money.

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Dave Schedin, People Solutionist