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What if your Advisor could save time?

  • Selling up to 20%+ more
  • Raising client satisfaction
  • Increasing word-of-mouth marketing
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What the CompuTrek Service Packages can do for you!

Canned Job Systems: Your Super-Highway To Estimating

CompuTrek has created over 850 “Value Worded” service packages (canned jobs), from over 45 years of ‘real world’ experience and 3,500+ hours of development that will help streamline any repair order writing process.  Our service packages will be able to do the following for you and so much more:

  1. Presents value and educates the customer about what was done.
  2. Consistent, professionally worded value operation stories.
  3. Greatly reduce your Service Advisor’s & Technician’s typing time.
  4. Trigger the Advisor to ask more of the right questions at time of write up.
  5. Provides a training tool for young Advisors to understand automotive systems in a shorter amount of time.
  6. Increase Sales by 20% or more from triggers for more sales or related items that also should be done.
  7. Because of triggers, the quality of the repair goes way up reducing shop comebacks.
  8. Sets shop policy to be consistent with how the basic operation is to be done.
  9. Tagged disclaimers that reduce continued repair from appearing as shop comebacks.
  10. Drive Preventative Maintenance Services and frequency cycle.
  11. Extra set of preventive service packages for the BG Lifetime Protection Preventative Maintenance Services.
  12. And the list goes on!


The CompuTrek Service Packages have over 850 Service Packages we also have 350+ Common Complaints and 25+ Diagnostic Inspection sheets and are able to be easily copied and pasted into your own management system from an Excel format.

Each set comes with a training webinar of how to maximize the common complaints, service packages and diagnostic inspection sheets and best coding methods for your system. This CSP training webinar alone will give you insights into your shop never seen before. Many shop owners have commented that the canned job training webinar paid for the Canned Service Packages from the insights discovered.


“Canned jobs are the ‘claim to fame’ when it comes to wowing the customer. My clients are just flabbergasted at the detail we go to communicate! We tell them we like to know just like they do, and we are here to share the whole story! We have seen a significant increase in ARO (Average Repair Order) and we credit a lot of our success to Dave Schedin’s Canned Jobs. CompuTrek has many solutions and “canned jobs” are just one of the great answers to a busy shop!” – Leon Martin | Autotech Services | Rochester, WA

For more information and a CSP Webinar Test Drive for these VALUE Service Packages please CONNECT with Dave Schedin