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LET’S GET THE MAP AND FIND THE TREASURE. Partnered together for the win, our BUSINESS SOLUTIONS help you and your team create maximum results in the short run. Specifically and simply designed to help you create a great business model – a living, breathing organism – sustainably maximizing the greatness of it’s eco-systems.  Your organization, a collection of systems working together to create a properly functioning ‘being’ where each system plays a role, BUT – is dependent on all the others streams to produce the best outcome as a whole.  


SYSTEMS can adapt and change as business evolves, expands, or when market’s shift. When they are performing seamlessly, the BENEFITS ensure manageability, strong leadership and top performer onboarding of your talent.  A baseline can be established so you can identify opportunities for improvement and growth and produce at high levels while benefiting and nurturing great customer relationships and employee retention. 

“My shop experienced an increase in gross profit of $400,000 in the first year working with Dave AND we truly transformed from a breakdown shop to a TRUE maintenance shop and became much more consultative with our clients. We couldn’t have gotten there without Dave working ON-SITE with us. We tried to do it for years on our own and finally realized results when working with the expertise of The CompuTrek Group. Dave’s coaching and training was totally worth the investment!” – Alan Beech | Owner | Beech Motorworks, Hamilton, ON.

  • Management 
  • Sales
  • Production Work Flow
  • Leadership, Team Building & Personal Development
  • On-Site in your “Real World” environment – MAXIMUM affect and implementation results
  • Seminar Training Rooms
  • Webinar Sessions or Series – Won-on-Won™ coaching sessions or group sessions greatly support the On-Site Solutions & Seminar room training

Do you currently have SYSTEMS in place that your team is NOT performing to their fullest potential?
Is your bottom line suffering because of the unsettledness of your systems?

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