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Does Your Business need some Restoration?

“Let us help you turn your business into a CLASSIC that will withstand the tests of time.”

Our focus is PEOPLE.  People results. People that want to produce more of what they truly want in life, relationships, business, being in contribution, benevolence, or going after the VISION or DREAM they have.  You can SEE it, but you don’t know how to achieve it.  Sometimes, that requires the restoration, the resurrection of what ONCE WAS.  

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Our discovery process begins the interaction between us.  It is a place for brave, authentic conversation that SHEDS LIGHT, to extract, what is truly important to you, your team, your vision, and the results you want to produce.  Discovery makes way for CLARITY.  As we develop a customized, career, business training & coaching plan with you, we provide specific tools to recharge your eco-systems, the DNA of your company, and propel it to move forward. 

Training vs. Coaching.  Discovery reveals skill sets and tools for ways of thinking that may be shifting or need empowered. We address thinking styles; both Brain Thinking, ‘analytical’ AND Emotional Thinking.  As we TRAIN, we empower you with enhanced ways toward both types of thinking styles and then COACH you to create your Action Plan of moving forward.  We believe you have the directional MAP within you as we mentor effective tools you can use to release the LEGEND in you. We are skilled at coaching and training at all levels: individual, team, executive and from every stage in life; burnout to ambitious – we will PROPEL you to play a bigger game from the last big game you played!

On-Site Training Implementation.  The number one most difficult part of any new system or program is IMPLEMENTATION.  Most training falls off or never solidifies in the workplace because the urgent overtakes the IMPORTANT where the mastery of skill sets moves an individual or team forward.  Helping you IMPLEMENT and then hold to accountability is the most powerful way to both create the increase at a mastery level and keep it for good.

Beyond The Systems

You manage systems and lead your people, the greatest asset to your organization. The CompuTrek Group’s Assessment Advantage gives ‘real world’ People Solutions (Assessments – Pre-HIRE & Leadership Development), Team Building, PLAYshops™ and Personal Development training.

  • We Identify industry BENCHMARK Top Performer employees.
  • Intention and results-focused training.
  • Setting the daily goals and context for the team.
  • Active Listening Training.
  • Enhance customer & employee communication.