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“Dave Schedin’s ‘CompuTrek Systems’ were absolutely necessary for our family business. The family business requires more than the average ‘consulting’ to keep attitudes, goals and facts in check. Dave was instrumental in ‘leveling out the tides’ so to speak – without damaging family relationship. This meant everything to us – keep the family working as a TEAM and growing for the future. We could not have done with without Dave’s help!” – Lorene Hill | Owner | Dynamic Diesel, Snohomish, WA

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CompuTrek’s Three-Part Business Model.  Every business has three major focuses:  Producing, Selling, and Managing.  All of our SYSTEMS were created with the ability to interact and flow as ONE unit. Where Systems overlap is where frustration, bottleneck, and the pain of a business abound the most.  CompuTrek has PROVEN Systems that are tailor-fit to your ‘Real World’ environment.  There are no “cookie cutter” solutions that work exactly the same, even in two very similarly run business models. We get to know you, your culture, your people, and your vision through a complimentary initial business evaluation.  It’s here we got to see your Point ‘A’, where you are now while mapping the path to your Point ‘B’, where you want to go. CLARITY.

Learn more about the proven CompuTrek Systems:

The Production System

Every Repair Center has a Production System where Technicians produce what was sold.  Sounds simple enough until…you want to manage greater output with better efficiencies and higher quality control.  CompuTrek’s proven Automotive Production Systems help ensure the job is sold right so it can be produced right, supported by all the related systems that manage workflow and lead Technicians into producing at over 150% efficiency.  This cannot be taught in the seminar room or webinar and carry the IMPACT it requires.  This is why we developed our On-Site Training Solutions for your ‘Real World’ environment…because we want to help you get to the next level, quicker.

Results from On-Site Training:

  • Increased sold hours produced.
  • Higher Technician efficiencies reaching over 150%.
  • Shop Owners and Technicians get paid more for higher levels of sold hours produced.
  • Clearer communications between Technicians and Service Advisors.
  • Canned Service Packages and Vehicle Inspections result in 15-20% additional sales and reduced typing or story writing times with greater value for the customer.

The Value Presentation System (The System formerly known as ‘The Selling System’)

Selling to customers in the automotive repair world is not about…well, selling.  It’s about building trust and creating value that encourages customers to want to buy… MORE! While the words used to interface with the customer to create VALUE are important, it is distinctly more about  “How To Present What You Know Needs To Be Sold”. The uniquely designed CompuTrek Three Part VALUE PRESENTATION SYSTEM is relational in style and creates the space for customers to WANT TO buy more AND, then tell others about the great experience with your shop.  CompuTrek presents this in seminar format AND, producing even greater results, is our On-Site Service Advisor Training Solutions in your ‘real world’ environment.

Results from On-Site Training:

  • Produces 3.5 to 4.0 hours per RO, some shops as high as 6.0+ hours per Repair Order.
  • 3-part system that is easily taught, supported, and tracked.
  • Provides for free-flowing Repair Orders.
  • Allows you to be prepared for customers — instead of them being an interruption.
  • Relational style selling builds your customers’ confidence in your shop.
  • Builds a loyal customer database that you have educated properly.
  • Increases overall customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Brings a clear and concise RO to the technicians, for maximized efficiency.
  • Reduces wasted steps and phone calls by your Service Advisors.
  • Allows you to work smarter, not harder.
  • Reduces stress levels in all areas of your repair shop.
  • Canned Service Packages and Vehicle Inspections result in 15-20% additional sales and reduced typing or story writing times with greater value for the customer.

The Management System

You have Production and Selling systems that both need to be managed at their highest levels.  While your company’s greatest assets are PEOPLE, without PROVEN SYSTEMS they cannot be successful.  Here are two simple management thought processes that ensure success:

“What you expect, you must inspect” AND “If you don’t track it, you can’t manage it”

Our Management System is conducted in seminar or webinar format.  Producing even greater results we encourage our On-Site Management Training Solutions for your ‘Real World’ environment coupled with the CompuTrek Tracking System (CTS) where we can coach and train remotely to bring accountability that ensures the training and new thinking stays long after the trainer has left. Your training plan is empowered by the use of our powerful assessments that provide leadership solutions for you to move your team forward.

Results from On-Site Training & CompuTrek Tracking System (CTS) Include:

  • Real-world forecasting of sales, cost of goods sold (COGS), expenses, and net profits.
  • Daily tracking of Advisor’s selling abilities, tied into the forecasting program.
  • Daily tracking of Technician’s productivity, efficiency, and proficiency compared to your forecast.
  • Overall daily reports are tied to forecasts with the real month and year-end projections allowing you to make changes early in the month of the year.
  • Reports showing daily, monthly, and yearly results, tied into accurate forecasting.
  • An Electronic Appointment Scheduling System that loads each Technician’s available hours and automatically shows carry-over hours.
  • Marketing efficiency tracking.
  • Minimal daily entering for a very powerful tool.
  • 2-3 hours of initial forecasting and usage training.
  • 12 months or more of ongoing accountability Coaching packages.

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